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Maine Striped Bass ~ Bluefish ~ Bluefin Tuna ~ Shark ~ Cod Rates

Interest in fly & light tackle fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish &  Blue fin Tuna has spread like wildfire across the northeast and Super Fly Charters is very excited to be offering these trip to you. Each summer large schools of Striped Bass, Bluefish and Bluefin Tuna arrive in the Gulf of Maine to feed on the huge schools of Mackerel, Herring, Sand eels, Crustaceans and Squid. Often these bait fish are found very close to shore and hungry game fish are hot on their heels, often churning the water in epic surface blitzes and amazing aerial acrobatics.

Fishing tactics include live baiting, fly casting, casting popping plugs, soft plastics & metal jigs with spinning rods as well as specialized “Butterfly” jigging techniques born and perfected on the Pacific Rim. We supply all the tackle necessary to subdue these powerful game fish. Come join us for the chance to land the fish of a lifetime with fly or light tackle. These exciting trips are in high demand. Please call for available dates.

“What a great fishing trip! Kelly’s 35lb, 45” striper making those great runs in the shallow water is something we’ll never forget. My arm is still sore from all the fish we caught. You’re an extremely well prepared, knowledgeable guide who is definitely in touch with what the fish are doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to send any of my friends on a trip with you. Thanks again! – Fred Hand – Atlanta, GA”


The most Amazing top water Tuna action I’ve ever seen…EPIC!!! I’ll never forget that huge Blue Fin crushing my popper…who knew that you could catch Tuna so close to shore? Thanks Captain George!!!… ~John W. August 2008

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  • Cover 2012 Cabelas Saltwater Fishing Catalog
  • Super Fly Charters Was A 2011 Portland Press Herald “Peoples Choice” Award Winner!!!
  • For weekly Maine Striper & “Football” Blue fin Tuna fishing reports & info check out our Fishblog Maine Striper Fishing Reports Blog
  • Now Taking Reservations For The 2014 Season!!! Contact us today to set up a time before prime dates fill
  • 50% Deposit checks made payable to Super Fly Charters can be sent to our home office: 255 Arboretum Park Dr, Warren, Me. 04864

  Morning ~ Afternoon ~ Evening ~ Moonlight Madness Charters Available

Inshore Striped Bass Rates

  • 1-4 anglers 4 hours – $400
  • 1-4 anglers 6 hours – $500
  • 1-4 anglers 8 hours – $600
  • 1-4 anglers 12+ hour Marathon $1000.00
  • 6hr boat/wade combo trip $500 (see below)
  • 4 hr “Evening Blitz” -$400
  • Merry meeting Bay “Trash Can Tarpon” aka Common Carp $400 4 hours
  • 4 hr Kids Trip $400 1-6 anglers action packed family fun(late morning/early afternoon)
  • Gift certificates are available!!!
  • No Fishing License required
  • Additional angler – $50
  • Larger Parties can be accommodated with additional boat(s)
  • *50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED ON ALL TRIPS: Deposit will be refunded only if we are able re-book your date. Weather cancellations happen from time to time and are the sole decision of the Captain based on unsafe conditions. In the event of a weather cancellation & we are unable to reschedule , your deposit will be promptly refunded  Rates subject to change
  • See below for directions

 Near shore “Monster Fishing” Tuna & Shark Rates

  • Tuna 8 hrs 1-4 anglers – $750
  • Tuna 6 hrs 1-4 anglers – $625
  • Tuna/shark & Striped Bass split trip – $1000 6hr morning Tuna & 6hr Stripers
  • “Monster” Shark 8 hrs 1-4 anglers – $750
  • 6 hr Cod trip $625 1-4 anglers
  • 8 hr Cod trip $750 1-4 anglers
  • Check us out in the the May/June 2009 issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine we’re the featured guide service for Maine Saltwater sport fishing (pg. 76) Spring “Hot Spots” section. “Maine is shaking off the cool weather in a big way, which means it’s time to enjoy the sun and catch that fish of a lifetime. June is time for huge Stripers and Bluefish on the flats. If that isn’t enough, how about throwing a 14wt at busting Blue fin Tuna. Fly Fishing for “football” Blue fins has been getting more and more popular in Maine”
  • Check us out in the 2008 May/June issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine…We’re the featured guide service & charter fishing company for Maine Striper Fishing in the Spring “Hot Spots” section (pg.88)June is prime time to hook that trophy Maine Striped Bass !!

Guided Mother Ship Wading Trips

(a fly angler stalking the edge of a sandbar and finding great success where hungry Stripers were staging at low tide)


photoIf you are feeling adventurous or are just looking for more advanced, surf or wade,  fly & light tackle opportunities then you should experience one of Capt George’s boat/wade fishing combo trips where we use the boat as a mother ship to access some  of the most incredible saltwater wade fishing  habitat on the Maine Coast, most of which is only accessible by boat !!! The area that we fish has  many sprawling  hard bottom tidal flats that are bathed in crystal clear ocean waters. Wading the leading edge of a flooding tide can yield some spectacular catches from knee deep water…The same can be said of fishing the edges of flats that have drained off…Even the stealthiest boat will only give you a limited shots at fish and will often spook skinny water stripers out of range or into into deep water… but a careful wade fishermen can effectively creep up on wary fish!!! Bring your own waders (Recommended)  or brave the elements and wet wade. Even though the water warms up in July & August waders are a huge benefit for extended wading sessions. This trip option can be tailored specifically for fly or light tackle wade fishermen. Having our boat, the “Super Fly”, to serve as our mother ship has huge benefits over our land based  surf fishing trips…The first and biggest benefit is mobility…being able to chase the tides efficiently is critical to success and with Maine’s jagged coastline a boat offers the fastest transport when hopping the peninsula’s and little time is lost. Other benefits include the ability to carry a virtual bait and tackle shop of gear with you!!! The last benefit  is that the boat ride to and from the prime wading areas covers some of the most productive striper grounds in the mid coast region….it’s not unusual to be “interrupted” by hungry schools of blitzing Stripers or Bluefish on the way to you wade fishing spots!!! 

  • 4hr Guided “Mothership” Wading Trip $400 1-4 Anglers
  • 6hr Guided “Mothership” Wading Trip $500 1-4 Anglers

Moonlight Madness Guided Striper Fishing Trips

sfcsAre you ready to join the ranks of the 1% of anglers that catch 99% of the fish? Are you ready to lose precious sleep for the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime? If you’re an angler who can answer YES to both of these questions then I am ready to take you to the edge and back!!  For giant Striped Bass “NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME”!!  Several times each summer the right mix of Moon Phase, huge baits schools, and boiling tides combine to create the “Perfect Storm” of angling opportunities for Striped Bass fishermen. We’d like to help you take advantage of these great conditions by offering a very limited number of night time Striped Bass charters. These trips can be geared more towards the experienced angler but are also open to those less experienced fishermen looking to increase their fishing knowledge base…If you are the angler that’s just looking for some adventure this trip could be for you!! During these trips we could find ourselves fishing a dizzying array of  wild, uncrowded, habitat… from shoreline rips to deep water structure to shallow flats & remote surf lines!!!006 (1) We can cover a wide range of techniques & skill sets including fly fishing, plug casting , drifting live eels or chunk baiting…we have mastered all of these techniques and can switch tactics rapidly as needed.  Although we catch plenty of big stripers during our normal “Bankers Hours” trips…. It’s the REALLY BIG STRIPERS  that we’re after!!!These Jumbo fish are well known to feed heavily and more aggressively at night and often the wariest and biggest cows up and down the striper coast are caught during strong night tides!!! Please get in touch with us asap if you’d like to reserve one of these limited opportunity trips…We are looking forward to having you join us under the “STRIPER MOON” (we’ll bring the coffee!!)

  • Worlds Longest 3-4hr Guided “Moonlight Madness” Trip $400 1-4 Anglers (Kennebec river & tributaries)
  • Worlds Longest 5-6hr Guided “Moonlight Madness” Trip $500 1-4 Anglers (Oceanfront beaches & Bays)

Nearshore  Light Tackle Cod Trips

a10In addition to the Striped Bass trips that we offer…We also offer bottom fishing trips to target Cod. Now when most folks think of Cod fishing, they think of long rides to the fishing grounds, aboard a crowded boat, fishing with broomstick tackle and super heavy jigs, epic tangles etc…..Well here at Super Fly Charters we have re-defined the art of Cod fishing with light tackle!!!…Located just off the coast of Maine lie some very productive fishing grounds. Shoals,  ledges, rocky pinnacles and steep drop-offs provide great habitat for Cod, Pollock and other bottom dwellers. We have spent a lifetime learning which areas are the most effective and we have scaled our tackle down to provide the most sport. 72401_1462146837584_3256190_nThe majority of these trips involve the use of very lightweight & sensitive spinning tackle that we spool with ultra thin braided fishing line so you can feel every thump. This tackle allows us to use much lighter weight jigs even in heavy current. Most anglers that choose this trip often combine it with one of my Striped Bass trips as a way to throw some tasty fillets on ice!! This trip is also very popular with families as it provides a great variety of bottom fish species and fast action…These trips are available to start at the beginning of May and run through the end of October!! If you feel the need to get in on some saltwater fishing before the Stripers arrive please get in touch with us for available dates. Click the link to read one of my late season Cod fishing reports that took place in Muscongus Bay Cod Fishing Report 

Guided Beach & Shore Fishing Trips

Reid State Park In addition to the many boat fishing trip options, Super Fly Charters is pleased to offer “hike in”  shore based fishing excursions on some of mid coast Maine’s most scenic beaches, rocky shorelines and estuaries. All of these areas offer prime habitat for numerous species of bait fish, shrimp and crabs…all of which attract hungry Stripers!!!

When the conditions are right, we’ll slip into our waders or shorts and hit the beach… We often find huge Striped Bass cruising just outside the surf line….I like windward south facing stretches of beach…with bait being blown in tight the Stripers & Bluefish often feed aggressively right in the surf zone!!! Some of the shoreline habitat that we frequently fish is comprised of surf, sand flats, fast water channels, bays, coves, rips and marsh… Most of it  is easily accessible to fly & light tackle anglers. This walk-in style of fishing offers a completely different and interesting perspective of fishing the coastal waters.

Super Fly Charters provides all equipment(spin or fly gear)for these surf fishing trips. These trips can be arranged for groups of any size , perfect for family or corporate outings!!!

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Capt George uses Gary Loomis Tactical Series Surf Rods by TFO




Guided Beach Fishing Rates

  • 1-4 Anglers full day (8hrs) – $400
  • 1-4 Anglers half day (4hrs) – $300
  • Additional persons add $50
  • Maximum of 12 anglers per guide…additional guides can be arranged


(Click on map  icon below for directions)

Kennebc Tavern Marina located 119 Commercial St. Bath, Maine

Travel by car from points south:

  1. Take I-95 N (crossing into Maine)
  2. Merge onto I-295 via exit 44 toward South Portland/Downtown Portland
  3. Take 1-295 toward Bath/Brunswick about 28.2 miles
  4. Take US- 1 exit 28 toward Coastal Route/Brunswick/Bath
  5. Stay straight to go onto US-1 N
  6. Take US-1 N to “Historic Bath Downtown” exit ramp
  7. At base of ramp, continue straight through light and bear right toward the Bath Visitors Center onto Commercial Street
  8. Travel .4 miles on Commercial Street

Travel by car from points north:

  1. Take US-1 S from Camden/Rockland/Damariscotta/Wiscasset to Bath, Maine
  2. Cross Sagadahoc Bridge over Kennebec River
  3. Bear right for Downtown Bath exit
  4. Turn right onto Front Street
  5. Turn right onto Lambard Street
  6. Turn left onto Commercial Street
  7. Travel .3 miles on Commercial Street

*Parking for marina guests is in the parking lot on the north side of the restaurant/marina, directly across from Hamton Inn


*50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED ON ALL TRIPS: Deposit will be refunded only if we are able re-book your date. Weather cancellations happen from time to time and are the decision of the Captain based on unsafe conditions. Rates subject to change.

Super Fly Charters
Capt. George Harris
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Warren, Maine 04864

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Cell: (207) 691-0745


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