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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time do your trips normally depart?

A: We run multiple trips  daily and they are mostly based around tidal flow…We try to get our first trip underway around the crack-o-dawn to take advantage of low light conditions…That first hour of the morning can be magical!! We can be very flexible and departure time are variable to accommodate both the earliest risers and for those that like to hit the snooze button a few extra times in the morning!! Our late morning / early afternoon departure is perfect for families with young children…having two little ones at home myself I know how difficult it is to get them ready to roll out at first light!! 

Q: Which trip is better? Morning or Afternoon?

A: This question gets asked alot….Both trips can be very productive…If you are a fly angler I most often recommend the early trip…Low light and shallow water can be a great combination…we can often find stripers blitzing around on the surface.. As the sun gets high we can fish deeper water with sinking fly lines and continue to have success…For my light tackle anglers we can get on good numbers of fish even under bright sun, but again think about that first light topwater bite!!…Using live and chunk baits works extremely well in both shallow and deep water…check out our photo gallery for pictures of big stripers that were caught in shallow water often with a bright afternoon sun directly overhead!!!

Q: We’ve heard rumors that you run the worlds longest 4 hour trip…Is this true?

A: HAHA…YES very TRUE!!! I don’t punch a time clock when I’m on the boat and I’m often reminded by my guests that it’s time to head back in!!! Unless you are on a tight schedule be prepared to stay out a bit past your allotted time.

Q: Where will we meet?

A: I keep my boat at the Kennebec Tavern & Marina located at 119 Commercial St in Bath, Free Parking  for Marina guests is in the fenced in parking lot just north of the Marina directly across from the Hampton Inn. (Direction to the Marina can be found at the bottom of the rates page) If you are staying right on the water it might be convenient for us to pick you up on your dock!! this will have to be discussed in advance. FYI…The Kennebec tavern & Marina is a great place for, pre/post fishing, lobster rolls or burgers & ice cold beverages!!

Q: Should I bring a Lunch?

A: Sure..Being on the water,  you’ll work up an appetite! Even during the shorter duration trips… I keep a cooler of bottled spring water aboard for clients. FYI: my favorite sandwich is Ham or turkey & Swiss with pickles, mustard & mayo!!! Some of our guests that opt for longer duration trips ask about taking a break for a dockside lunch…We know a couple of places that are right on the water that are sure to impress!!

Q: Do you supply the tackle?

A: Yes…We supply all the tackle for our trips…whether its fly or light tackle we have you covered…Of course we know that some anglers like to use their own gear…we dont have a problem with that!! We are fully equipped with all the flies, lures & bait for your trip!!!

Q: What wt fly rod do you reccommend, which fly lines and are there certain  flies you suggest that I bring?

A: A 9′  9wt is the standard rod for striper fishing but anything 8wt-10wt will work perfectly, most of our fishing is either done with an intermediate sink line or a 300-400 grain sinking head line.  8′-9′ tapered leaders for the intermediate line and a straight 4′-6′ 20# leader for the sinking head line. A selection of  3-6 inch baitfish patterns such as clouser or deceiver will work just fine. Color choices olive over white,  blue over white, chartreuse, black are good choices but striped bass are largely opportunistic and will smack most offering if you can get it in front of them…some example of the key forage that we’re trying to imitate are Sandeel, Herring, Mackerel, Squid & Menhaden…various crustaceans are high value prey too

Q: Will I get Seasick?

A: Most of our trips take place in calm, sheltered waters where there will be very little chance of getting seasick. Our offshore trips will be subject to light swell conditions…My advice is that if you are prone to motion sickness then you should take medication the night before any of our trips and again as soon as you wake up in the morning…that should take care of any issues you might have.

Q: What types of fish should we expect to catch?

A: The #1 species we target is the highly prized Striped Bass….Depending on the areas we are fishing we can also target bottom fish like Cod, Pollock, Sea Bass, flounder and More. Bluefish are a probability in july august and if we decide to go offshore sharks and tuna can be targeted but with tuna the success rate is much lower.  The typical trip involves a short amount of time Catching Mackerel that will be used as bait for Jumbo Stripers…Catching 5-6 dozen of them is always a fun way to get started…especially with youngsters aboard!!!

Q: Where will we be fishing during our trip?

A: Being  located near the epicenter of Maine’s Striper Coast has it’s advantages!! We operate our fishing charters in the Mid-Coast region of Maine.  We focus our efforts on the areas between Sheepscot Bay & Casco Bay including the broad reach of the Kennebec river with its countless thousands of acres of untouched saltwater flats, rips and backcountry channels, It’s a fly & light tackle fishermans nirvana. On any given day we can be found fishing coastal tide marshes, shallow flats, sandy beaches and islands or ledges located offshore.Wherever the fish are!!!

Q: Are Fishing Licenses required?

A: Yes…Maine has a saltwater fishing license but don’t worry if you fish with us you’ll be covered under our license !!!

Q: Can we keep the fish that we catch?

A: Yes…Although we encourage catch & release, if you wish to keep fish for dinner that’s perfectly fine with us as long as it’s within the states minimum size & bag limits. We will expertly fillet & bag your catch for you back at the Marina. You’ll just need a cooler & ice to preserve your catch!! We’ll leave the cooking to you!!

Q: How many people can fit on your boat?

A: USCG regulations limit my vessel to 6 passengers or less parties of 4 or less is ideal …We accommodate groups larger than 6 regularly…We have a second boat/captain and we work closely with several other guides should the need arise to have multiple boats.  

Q: Is gratuity customary? if so how much should we tip?

A: I get asked this  question alot. this is an awkward topic…but here goes…Although it is customary to tip a fishing guide, we at Super Fly Charters never expect it, If you feel like you’ve had a great experience or that your guide worked extra hard for you, and you would like to give a little extra then it would certainly be received with appreciation. 10%-20% is standard…But again we never expect a gratuity for doing our job!! 

Q: What kind of weather can we expect?

A: Weather in the northeast is generally pretty stable during  the Summer Months…That said we will be on the water and often encounter foggy conditions early in the day. I would bring plenty of warm clothing but dress in layers…as soon as the sun comes up it can become quite warm. Our trips go rain or shine so be prepared with a set of quality raingear if the forecast calls for rain. I usually have a couple of extra sets aboard for client use. There is a saying in New England…”If you don’t like the weather…Wait five minutes”

Q: Do you really require white soled shoes? 

A: HAHA…no I really need to remove that from my website…typical atheltic shoes , sandal or flip flops are perfectly fine and are non marking.

Q: Do you guarantee that we’ll catch fish?

A: A salty old fishing guide once told me that guide ain’t spelled G-O-D!!! In all seriousness, I really wish that I could make that claim but in nature there are too many variables that are out of our control. However our success rates are extremely high. And our guides will work as hard as possible to get you on the fish…in fact we make it our mission!!!

Q: Why should I choose a trip with Super Fly Charters?

A: Lets face it folks…choosing a guide service is a daunting task for the first time…There are many guides/charters on the Maine coast, What makes Super Fly Charters any different??? First and foremost…we offer a quality, fun, laid back fishing experience. Our philosophy to guiding is not a one size fits all approach…leaving the dock with a bag full of chartreuse swim shads and a few poppers just does not cut it on most days…While I can offer no guarantee that we’ll slay fish…I will say that I am a full time guide and have been fishing the Maine coast for over 30 years and during that time I have honed the skills necessary to insure that your chance of a successful trip is at the absolute highest level…If something is not working we will reach into our bag of tricks to find the right combo of habitat & technique that cracks the code… I didn’t go to one of the many “guide prep schools” whose only concern is to help you pass the rigorous testing process  …I learned the skills that I possess through blood, sweat and tears…actual on the water experience!!! We are constantly looking for ways to raise the bar and continuously search for fresh fish holding habitat!!! Too many anglers base their decision to book with a guide on price alone…While price is definitely something to consider…also consider what you are getting for that fee. As a full time guide service we pride ourselves on the number of return clients we have a testament of the great lengths we go to land our guests on fish day after day. We are on the water everyday so we stay dialed in on the fish…Most days we are out of bed at 2:30am planning our day…Choosing which live baits to pursue is an important factor determining your success…whether it be Mackerel, Herring or Pogies…we go to great lengths to gather enough for a day of fishing… If your passion is fly fishing…we can advise you of what is working best…If the flats are not producing and the ledges or rips are…we will tell you that and not put you over deserted water just because you have a desire to sight fish…

We have a full array of well maintained tackle for your usage and we keep our boat in tip top shape…

Don’t be afraid to interview your guide to get a good feel for what they offer…We are happy to provide a list of references!!!

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