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Capt. Rich Tudor Co-Host  of  the #1 rated show “Saltwater Experience”

rich tudor

Capt. Rich Tudor grew up living and fishing in south Florida and the Florida Keys.  He and his family lived and worked in Homestead, Florida, but they spent every free moment at their weekend home on Long Key.  Fishing was a way of life in the Tudor home. Rich’s fondest memories are of spending time on the water with his mother and father. After Rich graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior High, the Tudors sold the house in Miami and moved to the Keys full time.The next four years, Rich attended Marshall University where he met Carrie, his soon to be bride.  Besides going to school and spending almost every moment in the woods (his passion as a hunter), he also longed to be back in the Keys.  During summer, spring and Christmas vacations, he worked as a mate on the top Islamorada charter boats.  This is when he first realized he could make a living doing what he loved.  Rich quickly earned his captain’s license and started chartering offshore boats as well as guiding inshore.  Capt. Tudor quickly decided to put all his efforts into the inshore side. He enjoyed guiding clients to the challenging inshore species.  Soon Tudor’s reputation grew as a well mannered professional with incredible fish instincts.  After a couple of seasons of guiding over 400 trips in a single year, Tudor realized he needed to shift gears.  Guiding could only take his career so far.  Tudor saw tournaments as a great way to promote his career.  The 2001 Redbone Celebrity Tarpon Tournament was the first tournament that he fished.  He won 1st place team and was on his way.  In the next three years he has dominated the top tournaments in the Florida Keys, with over 50 tournament wins!  Including a top ten finish in his first IFA Mercury Ranger Redfish Tournament.  He has now teamed up with his top tournament rival, Capt. Tom Rowland. Together they have become one of top teams in the world of competitive inshore saltwater fishing. On January 2003, in there first IFA Mercury Ranger Redfish tournament together, they finished 2nd out of 125 professional teams. Their combination of professionalism and performance has made the one of most highly sponsored teams on the redfish tour.

  Capt. Tred Barta  Host of the Show “The  Best & Worst Of Tred Barta”     


Tred Barta is the modern-day Ernest Hemingway, an outdoor sportsman, blue water fisherman, rancher, hunter, television host and personality, and prolific author, holding world records in both light-tackle saltwater fishing and big game hunting. Tred is both believable and credible; he is of the highest moral character and the voice of hard-working men and women across the world, who enjoy outdoor adventure, sport-fishing, wild game, and a love of the hunt.Tred attended the University of Colorado where he raced Alpine and Nordic Combined. He is a fierce competitor and won the Junior Biathlon Championships, after which he trained with the U.S. Olympic Biathlon Team. Tred chose and continues to live “the hard way . . . the barta way,” as seen on the VERSUS Network hit television show, The Best and Worst of Tred Barta. He took up longbow hunting and light tackle fishing, quickly becoming an expert in both. Tred has broken and now holds numerous world-records across disciplines.Tred’s love of adventure isn’t limited to the wilderness, the rivers, the badlands, or the high seas; he is a turboprop and jet pilot having over 7500 hours as a pilot-in-command with 22 ocean crossings.  Tred holds a multitude of bow hunting records in Rowland Ward, his 382 lb. 16 – 16 ½ tusk wart hog shot in Africa with the bow defeated the great honorable Fred Bear’s record set in 1952 and still stands to this day. Tred also holds records for Blesbok, Dik-Dik, Impala, Whitetail etc. A caribou harvested in Northern Ungava with a longbow scored 401 5/0, at one time a world record, now in the top 10. Tred Barta is credited worldwide with catching more big eye tuna than any man alive on rod and reel. Tred has been credited as the modern-day pioneer of canyon fishing, developing and perfecting many of the techniques now common in the sport. He is credited with early confirmation that warm core eddies existed and were key to blue water fishing success worldwide. Tred’s specific techniques on how to find and fish warm core eddies are the modern standard in the sport.As an angler and captain, Tred Barta has probably spent more time in the North Atlantic Canyons than any other man alive. Tred’s light tackle career is legendary, holding at one time or another double-digit International Game and Fishing Association (IGFA) world records on light line. Tred was the only man to ever hold the triple crown of light tackle tuna records – a 65 lb. yellowfin on 6 lb. line landed after 3 hours of solid effort, a 63 ½ lb. bluefin tuna on 12 lb. line, and a 215 lb. big eye tuna on 20 lb. line landed in 5 hours and 17 minutes – still unbroken after 20 years!!!

“Captain George:
The pictures are great, but the lesson and knowledge are immeasurable.
You’ve changed my whole outlook on this great sport. What I’ve
learned today will save me tons of money and so much frustration. I
can’t thank you enough”
,~ Ray Paradis
 “From the dock in Warren we boarded the 21′ Parker CC with Capt. George Harris of Super Fly Charters, we were off to find Striped Bass…Since sunrise was only an hour earlier, the morning sun and cool air were heavenly on the tranquil waters as Osprey & Kingfisher flew across the narrow stretch to beckoning Maples. Upstream in the brackish water of the marsh I cast an artificial herring on a light spinning rod and soon caught & released a feisty Striper plenty more quickly followed…Unlike some laconic Down Easters, Capt. Harris has an affable charm and helped us beginners with casting and reeling the artificial baits”~ Charles Greenfield – Travel Editor Coral Gables Gazette“After a good nights’s sleep and a delicous breakfast with our hosts From the Limerock Inn, we got up at the crack of dawn to go fishing with Capt. George Harris of Super Fly Charters. The air was crisp and the sea was as still as a millpond as we set off from the dock in Port Clyde up the St. George river through the mist and the quiet of the morning in quest of the Striped Bass that head up there this time of year…We found them alright!!! Even I, the worlds worst fisherman, caught some. Capt. George caught a whole bunch that we decided to let go on their merry way.”~ Stephen Hartshorne – Travel Editor GoNomad The most Amazing topwater Tuna action I’ve ever seen…EPIC!!! I’ll never forget that huge Bluefin crushing my popper…who knew that you could catch Tuna so close to shore? Thanks
~ John W.

“Superfly Charters provided the best guided saltwater fishing outing I’ve ever experienced. Captain George is very professional, knowledgeable and hard working. He kept us on the Stripers long past the 6 hours designated for the trip. From my experience, the scenery and wildlife viewing on the Kennebec River and nearby islands is uncomparable in the Northeast. A fishing trip with Superfly Charters in midcoast Maine is well worth it.”~ Jim Oehler – NH Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Capt. Harris, Thank you for providing a great outdoor experience for my four children…they can’t stop talking about it. The fishing was fantastic and the seals, porpoises and the trip into Port Clyde was icing on the cake!!!
~Jane S.

“Captain George,
thank you for a fun and productive fishing trip today. Adam couldn’t stop talking about how nice you were and how much fun he had. At one point, when you were moving the boat to a new spot, he said to me “This guy is really persistent. He really wants us to catch fish”. And that is exactly what we did – catch fish. You are a friendly, experienced guide who really knows his stuff. I will be telling all of my friends about you!!! I already posted his pictures on my facebook and everyone who knows me has commented about the size of Adam’s fish. Thank you again. And please email me some pictures.”
Thank you!
~Kim & Adam Keller

“What a great fishing trip! Kelly’s 35lb, 45″ striper making those great runs in the shallow water is something we’ll never forget. My arm is still sore from all the fish we caught. You’re an extremely well prepared, knowledgeable guide who is definitely in touch with what the fish are doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to send any of my friends on a trip with you. Thanks again!- Fred Hand – Atlanta, GA”

“Captain George can’t control the weather and that is my only complaint about our fishing day! It was a great day fishing with Captain George Harris…on his birthday none-the-less!! George had us on Stripers for the whole trip!
If you are looking for a great fishing guide on the Kennebec River in Maine Captain George is the guy for the job.~Dr. David Wolf
“Captain Harris, I heard rave reviews of the fishing trip from the Klauers. Thanks for making us look so good!”
~ Cindy Pagiatakis – Concierge, Samoset Resort“George, On July 31, 2005 I had the pleasure of experiencing a day of striper fishing on the wonderful Kennebec River with you. With me were my brothers-in-law Ken and Eugene, the later having just recently recuperated from major surgery for a life threatening illness. Ken’s stepson Russell also fished. What a wonderful day we had! The lower Kennebec is easily the most scenic water I’ve fished, despite the objections I hear from my friends with whom I fish the Chesapeake. The fishing is nothing short of spectacular. I still smile when I recall in my mind’s eye that scene where Eugene caught the large striper from deep water not more than three feet off the edge of a rocky island. We were ecstatic for him, and thank you for the part you played in his great day. The tackle was excellent. The bait was well-prepared. I am amazed at your tolerance of knots and poor casts, but I guess that’s why you’re the captain, and I’m just a sport. Hopefully next time you can teach me how to get a fly down in that deep water, and we can have a picture of me holding up a big striper in one hand, with a SAGE rod in the other. We are looking forward to our next adventure with you.”
~ Dr. Frank Viozzi“Wonderful fishing trip…Superb, knowledgeable guide…Great fishing…Thanks!!!”

~ Dan Nester

“Captain George, Thanks again for a most memorable morning. The Striper fishing was great and your patience with my children is most appreciated. We’re all looking forward to seeing you again”
~ D.W.

Capt. George, we’ve gone on many guided fishing trips..from the South Texas coast to the Florida Keys to the coast of Maine…Your guide service,Super Fly Charters, ranks right up there at the top. Thank you for introducing us to skinny water fly fishing for Striped Bass…sight casting with those crab & shrimp flies to those big Stripers tailing on the edge of that mussel bar was an experience we’ll never forget!!! (P.S. And your flies are works of art)
~Steve B.

Hi Capt. George:

Just a quick note of thanks for the wonderful trip on the Kennebec River. Clearly you know your stuff as we caught fish after fish. Thanks for making us the fishing rock stars Sunday morning!
Best wishes and continued success.
,~Denis Collet


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