• 0 for 3 to Lights Out

    0 for 3 to Lights Out

    One of my favorite clients Bill Y. told me on a trip this past August that he was just as happy to have the fast-paced action we were having that day as he was to have caught a big one the previous September trip. When the time for the annual “Bill, Bill, Billy, and Art” […]

  • A New Type of Trip

    A New Type of Trip

    In the last few years, there’s a good chance you have heard me say “I only like two types of trips, good ones, and great ones.” To me, a good trip is when we have fairly consistent action throughout and everyone lands at least one fish. Great trips are when we have hot action start […]

  • Two for one Special

    Two for one Special

    I’m often asked when is the best time to fish is. The simple answer is while the tide is moving. Morning, afternoon, evening, it doesn’t really matter. On an afternoon tide in August we setup on a beach a little ways from the structure I wanted to fish but with about 2 dozen people swimming […]